Dragi clienți, datorită volumului mare de comenzi către curieri, ar putea exista întârzieri la livrare/ Dear customers, due to restrictions, as well as big order volume, there might be delays (especially France)

Meet the Tikki Crafters

After 15 years of working in mainstream footwear industry factories, Daniela now uses her expertise to handcraft barefoot shoes. At 39, she is now an important part in the manufacturing of our dear footwear.

Before she became a Tikki Crafter, Daniela first graduated a technical high school, where she practiced garment manufacturing. Moving to the footwear industry and then joining our team was an inspired choice, according to Daniela.

“I am at home. Honestly, I feel good every day here at Tikki, and it’s most of all because of my wonderful colleagues”, she says, accompanying the words with one of her trademark smiles, joyful and a bit timid at the same time.

In our next mini-portrait, we’ll introduce you to another Tikki Crafter, who just happens to be Daniela’s husband. Told you Tikki Shoes is just a big family! Till next time!

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