Tikki Shoes products are entirely manufactured from natural leather and so must be cared for in the manner usually applicable to leather footwear, with a few exceptions:
1. You must not wash the footwear in a washing machine! Due to rather long washing cycles, their duration usually exceeding an hour, the leather is submerged in water for too long which can result in its scaling and shrinking when drying. Additionally, the risk of colour transfer increases in contact with water. Tikki shoes should only be wiped manually with a damp cloth or wet wipes.
2. The velour leather sole of indoor footwear requires periodical cleaning when the surface becomes dirty or greasy, causing the fine velour leather hairs to stick together and no longer adhere to the ground. You must not clean them very frequently, only when you notice that the footwear starts slipping on floors.
In this case you must use a damp cloth or wet baby wipes and a hard-bristle brush (e.g. a nail brush, barbecue brush, etc.). You must clean the sole with the damp cloth or wet wipe (you must not rinse the soles with water because that would increase the risk of colour transfer), let it dry, and then rub the sole with the brush until you see the fine velour leather hairs stand up again.
3. The leather on the sides of baby shoes/outdoor footwear/sandals/boots with fur must be cleaned extremely gently with a damp cloth or wet wipe (preferably wet wipes for babies).
4. The drying must occur slowly and exclusively at room temperature: avoid drying the footwear next to heat sources (radiator, stove, fan, fire, hair dryer or other heat sources, or by exposing the footwear to direct sunlight) which would harden the leather and cause scaling on its surface.
5. Do not use bleach, detergents or solvent-based solutions to clean the footwear.

Velour Leather Footwear Must be Maintained as Follows:
Wipe the leather with a damp cloth/wet wipe (avoid washing it directly with water as it could cause colour transfer).

Let the leather dry, then brush it with a soft-bristle brush (e.g. a toothbrush).

To restore colour brilliance please use baby oil-pour it onto a toothbrush and spread it over the entire surface of the shoe to avoid colour differences. It doesn't matter if you do not cover the entire surface uniformly, it is important that you do reach the entire surface of the shoe. After drying, you should notice that the brilliance of the leather colour is restored.

Nappa Leather (Glossy Leather)
Wash the leather with a damp cloth/wet wipe and treat it then with products meant for leather care (creams or sprays) to extend the leather's lifespan. We recommend the use of body milk to soften the leather and to protect it over time.

Deposit the footwear in dry spaces and in boxes to avoid colour transfer; avoid moisture.

The outdoor footwear is not impermeable and so we recommend its use with dry weather. The sole and sides of the outdoor footwear must not come in contact with water, snow, sand, gravel, solvents, tar, soft bitumen or other corrosive materials. Avoid getting caught or stepping on sharp metal objects, stones, glass shards, oils, fuel, and thinners. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from poor roads, footpaths or pavements, or from using the footwear on other rough, abrasive or corrosive surfaces.

We are not liable for damages resulting from not following the above mentioned instructions, or for discomfort resulting from wearing the wrong size or model/fitting of shoes.


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