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If you find that a product does not conform to the contract at the moment of delivery you must notify us immediately at the email address, and provide to us details about the product and its deficiencies.
For the sold products we handle a 30 days commercial warranty starting at the time of the delivery of the goods for deficiencies for which you are not at fault, so long as you have followed the usual instructions for use and care of the product.

The aforementioned commercial warranty does not interfere with your consumer rights granted through current legislation under Law 449/2003 republished with regard to the sale of products and their resulting warranties and under Government Ordinance 21/1992 republished with regard to consumer protection.
The commercial warranty does not cover the lack of conformity of the product at the time of delivery for which you cannot be held responsible, and which falls under the lawful conformity warranty.
Goods are considered to be conforming to the contract if:

(i) they conform to the description given by us and have the characteristics advertised by us on our web page, or

(ii) they are suitable to the purpose to which similar goods are usually suited;

(iii) they meet the usual quality and performance parameters that you can reasonably expect for similar goods.

The lawful conformity warranty is of 2 years from the time of delivery of the goods, in accordance with Art. 6 of Law 449/2003. During this time frame any deficiencies resulting from defects in the material or in the manufacturing/fitting/assembly/cutting process that were already present in the product at the time of delivery will be repaired free of charge, not including deficiencies that result from usual wear and tear of the product, or from not following the instructions for use and care of the product.

For the lawful conformity warranty you must inform us of the lack of conformity within 2 (two) months from its discovery, in accordance with Art. 17 of Law 449/2003, and the lack of conformity shall be assessed by a neutral authorised technical expertAny lack of conformity discovered within 6 months from delivery is assumed to have been present at the time of delivery (with exception of the cases when the nature of the lack of conformity can be led back to incorrect usage of the product or to its usual wear and tear), after which time frame you are required to provide proof for the lack of conformity.

The average duration of usage for the product is of 6 months, provided that each pair of footwear is worn alternatively with at least three other pairs of footwear.

In order to benefit from warranty, please send us your written claim prior to the expiration of the warranty period to the email address and return the product you have purchased from us to our workshop: SC MINI MONDO SRL,  Splaiul Tudor Vladimirescu, nr 32, 300185, Romania.

The means by which we offer the commercial warranty or the lawful warranty of conformity are maintenance, repair or replacement of the product (in cases where repair is not possible), free of charge, in accordance with Art. 10, 11 and 20 of Law 449/2003.

The remediation period for the commercial warranty and the lawful warranty of conformity shall be set in agreement between the two parties (buyer and seller), and shall not exceed 30 calendar days from the date on which the deficiencies have been communicated to us or the date on which the return of the product has been documented, in accordance with Art. 11 §4 of Law 449/2003.

The warranty / service for the product is provided by S.C. MINI MONDO S.R.L., with the headquarters located at the address mentioned in Contact, at our workshop in Romania, Timisoara, Splaiul Tudor Vladimirescu, nr 32, 300185.

The duration of the repair period extends the warranty of the product and is measured from the time when the deficiencies have been communicated to us and the product has been returned to us for repair, and until the product has been restored to working order.

In the event that a product is replaced for reasons related to warranty, a new warranty cycle begins for the product at the date of the replacement.

Warranty cannot be claimed for products that break down due to:
- Usual wear and tear of the product;

- Accidental damage to the product;

- Interventions, repairs, modifications carried out on the product by unauthorised parties, including the dyeing of the product;

- Colour fading of the product due to extended exposure to the elements (sunlight or another strong heat source, moisture, rain, snow) or damage to the product due to extended exposure to unfavourable weather conditions (water, dirt, snow);

- Damage to the product resulting from mechanical shocks (tearing, hanging, breaking, scratching), household pets, rodents, etc.

- Usage of bleach, detergents or solvent-based solutions to clean the product;

- Usage on balance bikes or ride-on toys.

- Damage resulting from inadequate, incorrect or abusive use of the product; usage of the footwear for other purposes than the purpose for which it has been designed and tested (e.g. using indoor footwear out of doors, or using the footwear for playing sports);

- The warranty does not cover the usage of the footwear on playgrounds with gravel or sand, on slides, or in other areas where using the product can lead to its damaging;

- The warranty is not granted for usual wear marks on soles or on deformed sides (i.e., the foot is stepping or dragging on one side causing more extensive wear marks on that side).

Attention: For products made of leather without a lining - as Ziggy indoor shoes, Classic and NIDO range - there is a chance that there will be a colour transfer to children's socks. This is considered normal and we recommend wearing dark coloured socks, especially for children who are getting warm feet. This is not a manufacturing defect and does not constitute grounds for filing a complaint.

The natural variations in the look and feel of leather cannot be regarded as manufacturing defects and do not constitute grounds for claiming warranty-this includes small differences in texture, ribbing and colour, characteristic marks and irregularities. We are selecting only products of the best quality, but natural variations in the look and feel of leather cannot be avoided and should be accepted as a part of the individual look and feel of the product.

In the event of lack of conformity you can claim the repair or replacement of the product free of charge, excepting the cases where this measure is considered impossible or disproportionate. A repair method is considered disproportionate when the seller incurs costs that are not reasonable when compared to those of another repair method, taking into account:

(i) the value of the products without the lack of conformity;

(ii) the importance of the lack of conformity;

(iii) whether the other method would not significantly inconvenience the consumer. You can claim a suitable reduction in price or cancellation of the contract if we fail to repair the product in the aforementioned 30 days period. You cannot claim cancellation of the contract if the lack of conformity of the product is considered minor. The rights granted by the certificate of warranty do not interfere with the rights granted by law to the consumer.

The return shipping costs for products with manufacturing defects will be covered by us.
You will receive the warranty certificate in electronic format through posting to your account on our web page and you will be able to print, save or archive it from your account on our web page. This way, you have an overview of all warranty certificates issued for your orders. At your request, the warranty certificate can be sent to you by email to the email address set in your account on our web page. By placing an order you consent to receiving the warranty certificates, the instructions for use and care of footwear, and the declaration of conformity in electronic format through posting to your account on our webpage.