Whether kids are sprinting through the backyard sprinklers, climbing trees in the park, riding the bike, or playing by the beach, there’s no doubt their footwear has to match their whirling pace.

If you ask us, the best sandals for kids have to meet all the barefoot requirements. You want to make sure that the shape is comfortable enough to fit their instep and ankle while also leaving some breathing room for their little piggies.

You should also look for a flexible zero-drop sole, sturdy enough to support even the clumsiest walkers and yet soft enough to allow their growing feet to develop naturally, with no interference. Now don’t worry, we know just where to find all the good stuff!

Here’s our little summer pick!


5. Wildling

Best for: durable microfiber upper and rubber-cork blend sole

Price range: €69


About Wildling Barefoot Sandals

What we love about handcrafted sandals is that each pair has plenty of character and its own uniqueness. And that’s the case for these Wildling Feather Api sandals too!


The microfiber upper is very resistant, with the flexible outsole made from a rubber and cork blend. The interior lining is quick-drying, and the insole can easily be removed if you want to air it out.

The Wildling kids’ sandals offer a great ground feel and plenty of freedom to run wild. The Feather Api model is available from sizes 23 to 35 EU.


Top Features:

  • - Natural vegan materials
  • - Quick-dry lining
  • - Removable insole
  • - Flexible sole
  • - Great barefoot & ground feel

Get the Wildling Feather Api barefoot sandals for kids here.


4. Zapato Feroz 

Best for: natural Chrome-free materials

Price range: €49 to €52

Zapatos Feroz means fierce shoes in Spanish, and oh, they genuinely are! Their portfolio consists of minimalist shoes for kids and babies, featuring barefoot sandals too.


This Sale SanRoc sandal model ranges in sizes from 24 to 31 EU, and it comes in four monochromatic models: aqua, grey, pink, and mustard. The sole is only 3,5mm thick, super light, and flexible. The shape offers plenty of room for kids’ toes, and the velcro strap can be easily adjusted to fit all types of feet.


Top Features:

  • - Vegan
  • - Adjustable velcro strap
  • - 3,5mm thin sole
  • - Light & flexible

Get the Zapatos Feroz barefoot sandals for kids here.


3. Magical Shoes

Best for: high-quality cowhide leather, abrasion-resistant

Price range: €37

About Magical Shoes Sandals


These Magical Shoes are handcrafted in Poland in a small family manufacture, using high-quality cowhide leather inside and out, providing total comfort and care for the feet.


The thin 3,5mm sole of the Magical Coco sandals is hugely flexible, bending to all sides, and completely flat to ensure correct body posture and strong growing muscles. The design has hand-embossed holes, perfect on warmer days.


Their Coco collection comes in a wide range of playful colors, from nude to navy blue, in sizes 20-28 EU.


Top Features:

  • - Natural cowhide upper & padding
  • - 3,5mm rubber sole
  • - Zero-drop
  • - High flexibility
  • - Weight: 72 g

Get the Magical Shoes barefoot sandals for kids here.


2. Zeazoo Kids

Best for: leather upper & Vibram Superflex sole

Price range: from €40 up to €53, depending on materials and sizing

About Zeazoo Kids Sandals


The creators of these colorful sandals say there’s an entire Zoo in Zeazoo! Why? Because every pair of shoes was named after an animal, including the one in the picture: Marlin Orange and Yellow. How fun is that?


There’s a wild variety of Zeazoo kids sandals, covering a wide range of sizes, from 16 up to 34. All shoes are handcrafted using only natural materials, free of toxic paints and chrome. The width can be adapted to fit any type of ankle, thanks to the velcro strap and a hook-and-loop fastener. 


For this Marlin sandals model, the sole varies in thickness: 4mm for sizes 25 to 30 EU, and 6mm from sizes 31 to 34 EU.


Top Features:

  • - Natural Chrome-free leather
  • - Wide range of colorful designs
  • - Adjustable velcro strap
  • - 4-6mm Vibram Superflex sole

Get the Zeazoo Kids barefoot sandals for kids here.


1. Tikki® Aranya 

Best for: functional & playful design, high-quality leather, super flexible

Price range: from €30 up to €47, depending on materials and sizes

About Tikki® Aranya Sandals


How could we forget about our airy and breezy Aranya sandals? Inspired by nature, the Aranya leather sandals are the optimal choice for summer while maintaining the healthy and natural development of the feet.


The Tikki® Shoes signature Chrome-free lining and the vegetable-tanned insole protect the skin from absorbing toxic substances, making the Aranya sandals perfect for summer days. The 4mm Vibram sole is highly flexible so that kids can walk freely, constantly training all their foot muscles.


The latest design was improved to fit both a low and a high instep and a thin or fluffy ankle. Besides the cheerful colors, the Aranya sandals are so easy to put on, it’s basically child’s play!


Top Features:

  • Premium quality leather
  • Vegetable-tanned leather insole
  • Flexible 4mm Vibram sole
  • Extremely lightweight, only 100g

Get the Tikki® Aranya barefoot sandals for kids here.


Special feature: Tikki® Morro for juniors


Best for: incredible lightness & grip, durable leather, super flexible

Price range: from €39 up to €46, depending on materials and sizes

About Tikki® Morro Sandals


The Morro Barefoot Sandals are designed for older kids, who wear sizes ranging from 29 to 35 EU. We decided to go for soft synthetic leather uppers for the newest vegan version, offering a better grip and a higher level of comfort. The antimicrobial lining is made out of microfiber, capable of absorbing eight times its weight in water.


The sandals also have thicker soles, standing at 6mm, for more protection, but just as flexible as all our Tikki® shoes. You can easily adjust the velcro strap to embrace all types of feet, no matter the shape. Snug and fit, so you don’t have to worry a bit!


Top Features:

  • - Synthetic leather uppers
  • - Synthetic quick-dry insole
  • - Flexible 6mm Vibram sole
  • - Breathable quick-dry lining
  • - Extremely lightweight, only 140g


Get the Tikki® Morro barefoot sandals for kids here.



There’s always something going on in our little workshop, even if we’re talking about searching for new materials or testing and calibrating our dearest shoes and sandals. We put our best in every pair of Tikki® shoes, always handcrafted with care and love.


Last but not least, it all comes down to choosing the best for our kids!


Even though summer sounds like the perfect time to go completely barefoot (and we totally advise you to do so every now and then), well, sometimes there are surfaces that just aren’t that safe for your little one’s feet. That’s when barefoot footwear comes into play.


So here you have it, our top list with the best and most beloved barefoot sandals for all the kids out there, girls & boys!


Whether you go for Wildling, Zapato Feroz, Magical Shoes, Zeazoo, or our Tikkis, you can be sure you’ve chosen the sandals that genuinely make a difference: wide toe box, zero-drop platform, flexible soles, environmental-friendly materials, lightweight and unique.

We hope you found our article helpful enough to share it with your dear ones and spread the word about the most fabulous barefoot sandals for kids!


If you’d like to try a pair of Tikki® Shoes for yourself and your little one, here are some fantastic options on our website! Every step matters, so choose to walk wholly and freely with Tikki®!