Meet the Tikki Crafters (Ep. 8)

Since she invested more than 20 years in her former workplace, Gabriela believed joining us at Tikki Shoes was going to be tough. It wasn’t. “I had one or two preconceptions, however it turned out that it’s basically the same thing I was doing before, quality control, just involving a different type of craft. It used to be textiles, now it’s leather barefoot shoes. Oh such darling and cute footwear, I fell in love with it immediately. I have a son of my own and he’s all grown up now, but these tiny shoes bring back the best of memories every day”, said Gabriela.

Three and a half years after the job change, Gabriela says a shout out to the Tikki Crafters is something she just needs to do. “I just have to mention this awesome team, they helped me integrate here in no time and are creating and crafting the best and cutest shoes I know of”, she said. Besides the high standards of quality for our dear children barefoot shoes, Gabriela has one other main goal, this time as a travel enthusiast: she’s already planning her next Black Sea vacation, her new favorite destination.

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