Meet the Tikki Crafters (Ep. 7)

There’s a lot to say about the works of our colleague Lia, but we have to postpone writing the entire novel for a later time just to better hold on to both your attention and the proportions of a short blog post. One of the ‘oldest’ Tikki Crafters, she collaborates in creating the designs of our dear shoes for more than 10 years now.

Lia has that special something that guarantees the creative details she ads to Tikki footwear are loved by kids and adults together. Granted, creativity is one of her defining traits. A skill she developed individually and also with the help of high school and university professors, both Art schools and both in Timișoara, Romania.

“I’ve learned many things here at Tikki Shoes, everything is interesting. It’s a distinct universe to my own workshop, with different materials. In short, when it comes to quality barefoot shoes, form follows function because no one will ever be bothered to complain that their toy stuffed animals don’t fit well”, said Lia. “I am always oriented towards the aesthetic side of things, and in this team I’m impressed by the attention for the functional and healthy details of minimalist footwear”, she added.

Due to her magical powers, Lia can literally make it rain cats and dogs. Also badgers, foxes, fireflies, unicorns, Yetis, you name it. And it’ll only be pouring with the cutest of the cutest. Hard to believe? Weeeeeell, then let’s just leave this HERE...

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