Meet the Tikki Crafters (Ep. 4)

Victorița, or Ionița, how the people around sometimes call her, is 26 years old and has two wonderful children, a girl and a boy. The time she spends with them is, of course, most important, but just like every other Tikki Crafter she also loves her work. She loves it enough to travel to our workshop in Timișoara from Vinga, a tiny but very cute village where she lives.

Originally, though, Victorița-Ionița is from Bistrița, where everything has to perfectly rhyme, apparently. Tikki Shoes is her second home for about five years now, so the 33 kilometer commute has become a habit. It’s not always a joy to travel to work, so we are all proud of her for being here and thank her for it.

Although it’s hard to believe she practiced a tough and demanding sport such as handball, Ionița is a passionate ex player. We’re saying ‘ex’ because now, outside of the time she dedicates to manufacture healthy shoes, she goes fishing! “My husband usually catches more fish”, she says, with her characteristic modesty. Even though, in her fishing career, she can brag about an over two kilogram catch.

Could it be just a fisherman’s tale? Who knows? What’s certain is that this episode from our series dedicated to a few of the wonderful Tikki Crafters ends here, and in the next one we’ll be waiting for you with a... spectacular surprise! Till then!

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