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Meet the Tikki Crafters (ep.2)

When he started his professional career as a watchman, Vasile didn’t really think he’ll be moving on to crafts. But now he’s already been in leather crafting and shoe manufacturing for nine years! Things work out in the best way since, after changing his line of work, he’s now a Tikki Crafter taking care of important early steps in the shaping of our dear footwear.

Other very important tasks Vasile takes on daily are part time workshop DJ and jokester. Cracking jokes with colleagues and at the same time contributing to the manufacturing of barefoot shoes is pretty common here at Tikki Shoes though. “It’s a stress free environment, and there’s lots of consideration for the employee”, said Vasile.

Alongside his wife, Daniela – who you read about in the first episode of our Meet the Tikki Crafters series – they are a part of the Tikki Shoes grand family who you can get to know a bit better in these blog posts and future ones. Speaking of the future, ‘see’ you next time when we’ll be meeting another crafter in our home city of Timisoara.

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