New transport conditions


Dear friends, we here at Tikki Shoes think it’s very important to try and keep a positive mindset through these odd times. That’s why, first of all, let us announce there will be no more transport related costs within the EU borders for orders over 100€  (except Estonia where the threshold for free transport is of 125 euros because of the higher transport costs) from  


Orders exempted from transport related costs are shipped anywhere within the current European Union borders, as long as courier services (DHL or GLS) include the destination. All other destinations are sent by the Romanian International Post.


Now, for times are odd indeed, we also feel obligated to report that there have been no infections with the coronavirus among Tikki Crafters and other employees nor their families or acquaintances. And we hope things stay how they are. To be super safe, we are also taking EXTRA PRECAUTIONS in handling our dear shoes, since experts have stated that - though much less likely than through direct contact - there is some possibility of contracting the virus from objects. This is why:

• every returned package is ‘quarantined’ for 4 days before further handling

• NOTHING leaves the warehouse before being kept there untouched for 14 days!

• NONE of the materials we order are used before a 4 days ‘quarantine’

• we do not come into direct contact with our couriers 

• every employee that can work from home, is working from home

• only absolutely necessary employees are working on the premises, just so that Tikki Shoes can still function

• NO ONE with any sort of cold/flu symptoms is to even show up for work

• all recommended prevention measures (disinfections, safe distancing, etc.) are in full effect


We also recommend that, for the time being, it would be smart to avoid direct contact with the delivery person, wash your hands thoroughly after handling the box, leave the box lay somewhere out of reach for at least 3 days before opening.


Be safe, walk forward and trust nature! 

Biggest hugs from all the Tikki Crafters.

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