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Fairtrade - About us


Outstanding craftsmanship, fair trade, fair costs, decent prices.

We here at Tikki Shoes pride ourselves with the balance we've achieved between price and quality. As crafters by passion, our only purpose is to provide excellently made footwear that's both healthy and affordable. We strongly believe that all parents should be able to afford the best of shoes, both for them and for their little darlings! Since transparency is an important aspect of Fairtrade, we are hereby keeping no secrets:

  • we buy all our materials directly from their producers in Europe
  • we work efficiently, wasting as little material as possible, only crafting shoes in series - this allows, for example, more economical sewing which reflects in a lower final price
  • we aim for the shortest distribution chain, trying to sell directly to our end customers 
  • we don't invest in advertising, relying on quality to be our spokesperson and knowing a great product will get further recommended to friends: the best marketing there is! 
  • we are first and foremost parents, therefore know how great an effort buying exclusively the best for your kids is, and pride ourselves on making life at least a bit easier, healthier and happier for our customers

Our merry workshop is situated in western Romania. Ethical treatment of workers is a standard here and we usually joke about anything really, except that. You can trust us or, even better, join our Facebook  and Instagram community and see for yourself. Everyone's welcome in the Tikki Shoes family and we can't wait to hear yout thoughts, your ideas!