Meet the Tikki Crafters (Ep. 6)

Just in case you were wondering what other talents Tikki Crafters have, we got you covered. Today we’re here to share a few travel tips directly from one of the most experienced footwear specialists here at Tikki Shoes. Rodica has more than 20 years of footwear manufacturing experience, having finished a high school specializing in this exact branch and getting hired immediately after.

 “I really love what I do, I’ve always loved it. To make things even better, I’m now part of a really fun and united team, in a place where people listen to us and let us do the best work we can do”, Rodica said.

To delay the fun & practical part of our blogpost not one second more, first you have to know that when she’s on vacation, Rodica gets the most joy out of travelling and strolling in nature. Her favorite place in all of Europe comes highly recommended: Greece – with its myriad of sunny beaches – and especially its landmark, Athens. “I’ve returned there years and years”, Rodica told us. As for Romania, a must see would be the Transfagarasan. Well there you have it, a new acquaintance AND travel advice in just one short blogpost. Till the next!

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