Meet the Tikki Crafters (Ep. 5)

Today we’ve a surprise in store, just like we said last time. In the person of our contagiously cheerful colleague Cristi, who happens to have a huge secret everyone here at Tikki Shoes – and generally in his life – knows. To make it even more classified, we’re now spilling the beans to the entire world! When the concentration of positive ions in the air is just right, he immediately turns into Caramel the Clown:

Even though the two of them can at times disagree on certain aspects, when it comes to being part of the Tikki Shoes family the opinion is collectively positive: “I absolutely love the team, amazing people who know how to be more than just colleagues, we are friends! I feel very comfortable here”, said Cristi & Caramel simultaneously.

While Cristi is soon to be 31 years of age, Caramel made his first appearance circa 14 years ago. For the first 7 clown years, which as we all know are just like regular years only clownier, he was a permanent entertainer at an organized kids play area in his home town. When Cristi decided to move from his home town to Timișoara to advance his University studies, Caramel joined and got a job as an educator at a private kindergarten. He was also often seen collaborating with public entertainers, making balloon animals, face-painting and generally clowning around in the city center.

Pure luck was what brought Caramel into the barefoot shoes manufacturing world. Looking for a better job, Cristi stumbled on one of our online ads, applied, passed the interview and became a member of the Tikki Shoes family. Since his clown persona follows him everywhere he goes, Caramel now sometimes makes appearances at the workshop and also books party gigs during the weekend. Besides being an entertainer, Cristi also loves reading, walking his dog and traveling to discover new people and places. Until next time, when you’ll be the one making an acquaintance in the person of a new Tikki Crafter, let’s say “La revedere!” (that’s Romanian for “Good bye!”). Toodles!

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