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Meet the Tikki Crafters (Ep. 3)

Alina was clearly meant to be a Tikki Crafter. Considering she was born in Bucharest, more than 500 km away from our workspace in Timișoara, her move to western Romania back in 1985 was a great sign that things tend to set themselves in order and work out for the best.

The story continued with Alina learning leathercraft at one of the technological highschools in town. She then started working in the shoe manufacturing business, now having 20 years of experience yet loving the craft just as much as she did in the beginning. “I just love craftsmanship and all of the care and attention that needs to be put into this work”, said Alina.

Even though she joined Tikki Shoes less than three years ago, Alina has perfectly integrated and says she not only loves the work, but also the team. “The atmosphere is really great here at Tikki. We all love a good laugh and having a good vibe at the work place”.

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