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  • Barefoot sandals Aranya - Berrylicious picture - 1
  • Barefoot sandals Aranya - Berrylicious picture - 2
  • Barefoot sandals Aranya - Berrylicious picture - 3
  • Barefoot sandals Aranya - Berrylicious picture - 4

Barefoot sandals Aranya - Berrylicious

SKU: SC1_52 Brand: Tikki

From €59.52

Premium quality leather

Chrome Free lining

Vegetable tanned leather insole

Flexible 4mm Vibram sole

Extremely lightweight - about 100g.

Disclaimer: ARANYA sandals have a different size guide, you can check it here

The Aranya barefoot sandals collection was designed for both functional and aesthetics purposes. They are made from high-quality leather and are available in a variety of beautiful colours. The sandals feature an anatomically built shape to support healthy foot development and are suitable for a wide range of foot types, including those with low or high insteps and various ankle sizes.


The soles are extremely thin and flexible, allowing children to feel the ground beneath their feet. This increased sensory input helps improve balance, coordination, and spatial awareness. The Aranya sandals are designed to mimic walking barefoot, which is essential for the natural growth and alignment of a child's foot bones and muscles. They do not restrict toes or the natural foot shape, allowing for unrestricted movement and growth.


Exceptionally breathable and comfortable, ideal for the hottest days of summer. Each pair is meticulously created by our team of experienced craftsmen, complying with all EU standards. Our commitment to excellence is enhanced by our extensive experience in shoemaking and our dedication to creating beautifully designed footwear using premium materials.



ARANYA Berrylicious: materials and craftsmanship


Uppers: red and green premium quality Nappa leather; soft texture and maximised durability, the Aranya Berrylicious sandals are comfortable for daily, long-lasting wear. 


Lining: Chrome-Free; this environmentally-conscious material is gentler on children's skin, minimising the risk of allergic reactions.


Insoles: vegetable tanned leather; more eco-friendly and less likely to irritate the skin than chemically tanned leather.


Soles: 4mm, flexible Vibram; Vibram soles are known for their excellent grip and abrasion resistance, enhancing safety by reducing the risk of slipping. The 4mm thickness ensures enough flexibility and ground sensitivity to mimic a barefoot walking experience.


Extremely lightweight, the Aranya Berrylicious sandals weigh approximately 150g. The minimal weight reduces the strain on young feet and legs, making them ideal for long wear and energetic play, through enhanced comfort and mobility.


Most Tikki Shoes products are manufactured from natural leather and so must be cared for in the manner usually applicable to leather footwear, with a few exceptions:
1. You must not wash the footwear in a washing machine! Due to rather long washing cycles, their duration usually exceeding an hour, the leather is submerged in water for too long which can result in its scaling and shrinking when drying. Additionally, the risk of colour transfer increases in contact with water. Tikki shoes should only be cleaned with special leather care products.
2. The velour leather requires periodical cleaning when the surface becomes dirty or greasy. You don't need to clean it very frequently.
In this case you must use a dedicated product, such as Bamboo Lotion.
3. The outside leather of baby shoes/outdoor footwear/sandals/wool boots must be cleaned only with special leather care products.
4. The drying must occur slowly and exclusively at room temperature: avoid drying the footwear next to heat sources (radiator, stove, fan, fire, hair dryer or other heat sources, or by exposing the footwear to direct sunlight) which would harden the leather and cause scaling on its surface.
5. Do not use bleach, detergents or solvent-based solutions to clean the footwear.

Deposit the footwear in dry spaces and in boxes to avoid colour transfer; avoid moisture.

Avoid getting caught or stepping on sharp metal objects, stones, glass shards, oils, fuel, and thinners. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from poor roads, footpaths or pavements, or from using the footwear on other rough, abrasive or corrosive surfaces.

We are not liable for damages resulting from not following the above mentioned instructions, or for discomfort resulting from wearing the wrong size or model/fitting of shoes.

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