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  • Barefoot sandals SELENE - Nude picture - 1
  • Barefoot sandals SELENE - Nude picture - 2
  • Barefoot sandals SELENE - Nude picture - 3
  • Barefoot sandals SELENE - Nude picture - 4
  • Barefoot sandals SELENE - Nude picture - 5

Barefoot sandals SELENE - Nude

SKU: SF3_4 Brand: LANG.S


Textured pearly pink and nude leather

Soft Chrome-Free sheep lining

Vegetable tanned leather insole

5mm flexible rubber soles

Lightweight - approx. 310 gr

Listen closely.


Lang.S - Language of the Soil represents the next step in the Tikki Shoes journey.


If you feel there are two souls co-existing in the Selene sandals, you are entirely right. Your beloved Tikki Soul sandals went through an upgrading process and were reborn as this effortlessly beautiful new Lang.S collection. 


The SELENE sandals are all about versatility, comfort, love for nature and also elegance, effortlessly blending with both casual and sophisticated outfits. Whether you're strolling through city streets or attending a sunlit garden party, these sandals are designed to complement any look. Crafted from eco-friendly premium materials, each pair reflects our ongoing commitment to sustainability and healthy living. 


Walking barefoot, especially in the summer, not only strengthens the muscles in your feet and legs but also improves balance, enhances sensory perception and aligns your posture naturally. The SELENE sandals are designed to replicate this barefoot experience, featuring a flexible and comfortable sole that allows for a wide range of natural foot movements, making you every step a seamless connection to the earth. 



The SELENE sandals feature an adjustable buckle that wraps comfortably above the ankle, ensuring a perfect fit for any foot type, whether wide or narrow and any type of arch. Securely adjust the fit with the buckle to suit your unique comfort needs. 




SELENE NUDE: materials and craftsmanship


Uppers: pink nude tones, textured leather for the days you feel like going for a more feminine look.


Lining: Chrome-Free premium sheep leather; eco-friendly, exceptional softness and flexibility, incredibly comfortable to wear.


Insoles: made from leather that is vegetable-tanned with natural tannins, these insoles are more environmentally sustainable than those produced through chrome tanning, which involves heavy metals.


Soles: the 5mm flexible rubber sole offers both ground feel and protection.


The SELENE Nude pair best matches flowy dresses and summery feminine outfits. Yet, feel free to wear them with whatever feels comfortable. Life is all about enjoying every minute at a slow, grounded pace. 

36 23.7 9.8
37 24.3 9.9
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42 27.5 10.7
43 28.1 10.8

Most Tikki Shoes products are manufactured from natural leather and so must be cared for in the manner usually applicable to leather footwear, with a few exceptions:
1. You must not wash the footwear in a washing machine! Due to rather long washing cycles, their duration usually exceeding an hour, the leather is submerged in water for too long which can result in its scaling and shrinking when drying. Additionally, the risk of colour transfer increases in contact with water. Tikki shoes should only be cleaned with special leather care products.
2. The velour leather requires periodical cleaning when the surface becomes dirty or greasy. You don't need to clean it very frequently.
In this case you must use a dedicated product, such as Bamboo Lotion.
3. The outside leather of baby shoes/outdoor footwear/sandals/wool boots must be cleaned only with special leather care products.
4. The drying must occur slowly and exclusively at room temperature: avoid drying the footwear next to heat sources (radiator, stove, fan, fire, hair dryer or other heat sources, or by exposing the footwear to direct sunlight) which would harden the leather and cause scaling on its surface.
5. Do not use bleach, detergents or solvent-based solutions to clean the footwear.

Deposit the footwear in dry spaces and in boxes to avoid colour transfer; avoid moisture.

Avoid getting caught or stepping on sharp metal objects, stones, glass shards, oils, fuel, and thinners. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from poor roads, footpaths or pavements, or from using the footwear on other rough, abrasive or corrosive surfaces.

We are not liable for damages resulting from not following the above mentioned instructions, or for discomfort resulting from wearing the wrong size or model/fitting of shoes.

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